Android Thread Example : Simplest code

This article will describe Android thread example:- Multi threading, Processes and Threads in Android application development: In Android every programm (application) have a main thread. We can’t do long processing in main thread. Long processes like communicate with Internet, parse long data or communicate with database etc.

How to show Alert Dialog / popup in Android

AlertDialog Example In Android alert dialog is like a popup message to confirm some thing from end user (user of your application /  game). In Android it is very easy to create / show alert dialog. Before deletion of any item it is necessary to confirm form user by AlertDialog. Code in following function is …

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem – Solved

If you are facing this problem on window of any version (latest or old version of window). You are looking a dialog frequently that says you. Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or …

How to remove Powered by Paяabola & WordPress.

Problem:- I love Parabola wordpress theme but I don’t know how to remove “Powered By: WordPress” from footer of parabola theme. Solution:- We cann’t delete directly powered by parabola or wordpress from parabola theme. We need to change in parabola theme file as described following.