Android Create System Overlay Window like Facebook Chat Heads

For floating overlay window  in Android we need following permission on “AndroidManifest.xml” <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW” /> How to open overlay window/ How get permission to draw overlay screen: public final static int Overlay_REQUEST_CODE = 251; public void checkDrawOverlayPermission() { if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 23) { if (!Settings.canDrawOverlays(mActivity)) { Intent intent = new Intent(Settings.ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION, Uri.parse(“package:” + getPackageName())); startActivityForResult(intent, …

Android Weight Limit Chart

In Android Weight Limit Chart we can show weight limit (Upper limit, lower limit and normal value) by different colors. How to use it: LimitLineChart mChart = (LimitLineChart) findViewById(; mChart.upperLimit = 70.5f; // Start of upper limit mChart.lowerLimit = 50f; // End of lower limit mChart.currentValue = 0f; mChart.drawGraph(); Complete solution with example and source …

English Urdu Dictionary – Free

If you have Smartphone and facing difficulty to find English Urdu meaning without Internet then you are in right place. Pak English to Urdu Dictionary free available is most popular Dictionary English to Urdu and it’s free of cost. Means you can use this offline dictionary without connecting to WI-Fi or Mobile data.

Saving Activity state on Android when change orientation

In Android application when we change the orientation of device then our activity is recreated and some time we face the NullPointerException. To handle NullPointerException or other exceptions we can save current state and retrive the values or tell in AndroidManifest.xml that don’t destroy this activity. Solution 1:

Android AsyncTask Example | Simplest code

AsyncTask is a background process that easily handle UI without handler.You must know that why we use background process. We need background process / multi threading for long processes like communicate with Internet or database. If you handle Multi Threading smartly then your mobile application should perform better.

Android Thread Example : Simplest code

This article will describe Android thread example:- Multi threading, Processes and Threads in Android application development: In Android every programm (application) have a main thread. We can’t do long processing in main thread. Long processes like communicate with Internet, parse long data or communicate with database etc.