Android AsyncTask Example | Simplest code


is a background process that easily handle UI without handler.You must know that why we use background process. We need background process / multi threading for long processes like communicate with Internet or database. If you handle Multi Threading smartly then your mobile application should perform better. Continue reading “Android AsyncTask Example | Simplest code”

Android Thread Example : Simplest code

This article will describe Android thread example:-

Multi threading, Processes and Threads in Android application development:

In Android every programm (application) have a main thread. We can’t do long processing in main thread. Long processes like communicate with Internet, parse long data or communicate with database etc. Continue reading “Android Thread Example : Simplest code”

Programmatically set selected value of Dropdownlist aspx

How to programmatically set selected value of Dropdownlist aspx during loading of data:

We can select programmatically a value on dropdownlist by it’s index.

If we need to select by text then we need FindByText method as described in following line. Continue reading “Programmatically set selected value of Dropdownlist aspx”

Android Alert Dialog with three buttons setNeutralButton

How to add third button to an Alert Dialog with Example:

Check how to show alert dialog with two buttons

It is veary easy to add three buttons on AlertDialog as shown in below picture Continue reading “Android Alert Dialog with three buttons setNeutralButton”

How to show Alert Dialog / popup in Android

AlertDialog Example

In Android alert dialog is like a popup message to confirm some thing from end user (user of your application /  game).

In Android it is very easy to create / show alert dialog. Before deletion of any item it is necessary to confirm form user by AlertDialog. Code in following function is describing how to show a simple alert dialog in android application. Continue reading “How to show Alert Dialog / popup in Android”

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem – Solved

If you are facing this problem on window of any version (latest or old version of window). You are looking a dialog frequently that says you.

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk.

Dialog look like following:- Continue reading “Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem – Solved”

WordPress automatically redirecting on localhost


I develop my web site on wordpress in my PC (localhost / After completion of site I upload my web project on live server.

Problem is that when I login on my wordpress admin it redirect me on localhost


Continue reading “WordPress automatically redirecting on localhost”

How to remove Powered by Paяabola & WordPress.


I love Parabola wordpress theme but I don’t know how to remove “Powered By: WordPress” from footer of parabola theme.


We cann’t delete directly powered by parabola or wordpress from parabola theme. We need to change in parabola theme file as described following. Continue reading “How to remove Powered by Paяabola & WordPress.”